E-poll guages community opinion

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 15, 2000

On the Greenville Advocate's Web site we have placed a new electronic poll on the home page designed to help gauge what the people of Butler County are thinking about the proposed tax increases the county commission has been conversing about lately.

While we do recognize the need for the funds these tax increases would provide, we do want to encourage the public to tell the county commission its feelings on the subject.

Participating in this poll takes only a few minutes, and it will be only one way that we as a community can voice our opinions to the county and each other. All that is required is a computer with internet access. If someone wants to participate and does not have access to the Internet, call The Advocate and someone on the staff will cast a vote for you.

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The wording of the poll question is : How should the county fund a new jail and improvements for economic development? There are four possible choices: one percent sales tax, ad-valorum property tax, take out a loan and find some other source of funding. While these aren't all of the possible solutions, it will tell us how many are "for" and how many are "against" a tax increase. There have only been a few votes so far, and we encourage anyone wanting to participate to log on right away.

The Advocate's web address is www.greenvilleadvocate.com.