Support group makes separating easier

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 8, 2000

A divorce or separation from someone who has been an important part of a long-lasting relationship can be a traumatic experience.

A Divorce Recovery Support Group has been offered to help those experiencing a separation or divorce at the First Baptist Church in Greenville for the past four years. Margie Kennedy, an instructor of the classes, said that it offers people answers to the problems they are experiencing through spiritual guidance.

"We try to help those who are separated or divorced and it provides them with bible studies that address the issues that they are experiencing during that time of their lives. Dealing with rejection, self-esteem, financial problems and how to deal with a situation where children are involved are all involved in the classes from a biblical point-of-view," Kennedy said.

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The lessons are in large part taken from a devotional book called "Time for Healing" which addresses the problems that people may be experiencing during a divorce.

However, a large part of the healing process involved in the classes has to do with conversing with other people who also are having problems.

"There is a lot of conversation. That is why it is called a support group," she said. "When someone realizes that they are not the only one experiencing the pain of a separation or divorce, it can help them on their way to a happier life."

The classes are open to anyone who may feel they may need support and they can join up until the second or third week of classes.

"People can still get involved, but we close the classes to new members after the first few weeks because by that time the people in the class have built trusting relationships with each other and it is best not to bring new people in at that point. Instead we let those people come back and begin with the next group," she said.

Kennedy said she felt the Divorce Recovery Support Group is a very important service that the church provides to the community.

"I think every community needs a group like this because there are so many people splitting up these days and they need a place to go to deal with their problems, where other people will understand what they are going through," she said.

The classes meet at the First Baptist Church every Sunday at 5 p.m. There is child care available and anyone wanting more information on the support group can contact the church at 382-5892.