Good luck and God speed to Rudy

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 15, 1999

The staff of The Advocate was elated to hear of the adoption of the red-toned Doberman-Pinscher we had nicknamed Rusty. He had been a resident of the Greenville Animal Shelter for more than a month, and although he was a good natured, loving animal, it seemed no one wanted him.

On Monday, however, two animal lovers who had seen the animal featured as Pet of the Week went to the shelter and adopted him, gave him a new name, Rudy, and gave him a thorough check-up at Watson's Animal Clinic.

Greenville and Butler County needs more heroes like Connie Bass and Laura Cahoon. Rudy will now live with these two employees of L.V. Stabler at the house they share on County Road 43.

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Adopting a pet is not a difficult thing to do. Right now there is a wide selection of animals ranging from full grown dogs and cats to puppies and kittens just waiting to find a loving home like Rudy. Rudy was lucky, but others may not be. If anyone in the community is considering a pet, we encourage them to start looking at the shelter. These animals deserve a good home and a loving family, just like yours.