Sav-A-Child held its official ribbon cutting Friday

Sav-A-Child held its grand opening and official ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, June 11.

Sav-A-Child got its start from Greenville native and retired educator Gloria Johnson. She began the non-profit organization from her home in 1995 to help disadvantaged children with their education.

The new building, located at 118 Bolling Street, is designed to continue that mission by helping students with reading and math tutoring. Sav-A-Child expects to serve between 60-75 children once they open in late Fall.

During the ribbon-cutting, Johnson said she wanted to thank God and the community for allowing the facility to continue the mission of helping underprivileged kids.

“I want to thank God for the mission and the call on my life to do this,” Johnson said. “Thank you, parents, for entrusting me with your most precious commodity. If you have a child, or adopted a child, or godmothered a child, that’s the most precious jewel you will ever possess while on this earth.”

Johnson also said that it is her wish that people carry on the mission of Sav-A-Child after she passes on.

“All of you are here because you believe in the same thing I do. And that is the value in people,” she said.

“I ask that you partner with me shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand and get this job done. And when the Lord calls me home, pick up the baton and carry on. Carry the torch until he calls you home.”