RC&D provides much needed grants to Butler County

By Wanda Mitchell

Everything from improved playground equipment at county schools to life saving devices will be funded through a series of provided by Mid-South Resource Conservation and Development.

“Traveling on the press tour throughout Butler County were Krystal Ward, Program Manager, Mid-South RC&D, Phyllis Dantzler, Mid-South RC&D Butler County Council Member, Noopie Cosby, Alabama Association RC&D Councils Program Developer, Senator Malika Sanders-Fortier, and Representative Chris Sells,” Pam Hughes, Mid-South RC&D executive director said.  “The entourage visited grant recipients across the county to view completed projects and to make check presentations based on grant funding received through appropriations from the state legislature. Mid-South RC&D thanks Senator Sanders-Fortier and Representative Sells for their continuous support of Butler County and for their diligence in ensuring the completion of these projects.”

The Georgiana School, part of the Butler County School System, received $50,000 for a new playground located at 866 Hwy 31 South in Georgiana. Bright Beginnings (W.O. Parmer Elementary School) was granted $23,359 for playground equipment for their Pre-K classes.

The Butler County School system also received a grant in the amount of $18,610 to replace the automated external defibrillators in six of their schools, and the school system was also given $35,000 for construction, equipment update, and new welding equipment for its Career and Technical Education classes.

“We applied last year for the grant money,” Superintendent Joseph Eiland said. “They were very gracious to give it to us because we could not afford to complete the projects without their help and support. The money was awarded to us for specific projects. The playground at Georgiana school was basically non-existent and the playground at W.O. Parmer was not suitable for the K4 children.”

Both playgrounds at Georgiana School and W.O. Parmer are already installed. Eiland said construction is going on now and everything is moving along as expected.

“I want to thank Commissioner Darrell Sanders who got involved and helped with the Georgiana playground for his district,” Eiland said. “As well as Alabama Representative Chris Sells for all his work and help he has provided to the Butler County School System.”

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office received $23,414.15 for body cameras to be worn by deputies while on duty.

The Shackleville Volunteer Fire Department received $3,160 to purchase life-saving heart start AEDs.

The Regional Medical Center of Central Alabama was granted $3,000 to purchase high capacity bariatric scales for the hospital and the Regional Medical Center’s two clinics.

“The scales we had would only measure up to 350 pounds,” RMCCA Director of Business Development David Norrell said. “The new scales are capable of measuring up to 750 lbs, which is a good thing to ensure medication is given in the correct dosage.”

The RC&D council is a sponsorship-based, granting nonprofit entity that is established and run by volunteers. Members are key community leaders in land conservation, water management, environmental enhancement, and community development. Their long range plan is to improve the quality of life in the communities in the RC&D area. Butler county is one of the counties in their service area. For more information on RC&D, please visit their website at midsouthrcd.org.