July 10-National Kitten Day

By Wanda Mitchell

National Kitten Day was celebrated around the country Sunday.
Cat and kitten lovers everywhere pounced on the opportunity to let the world know how
special their particular fur baby really is.

Every year, National Kitten Day is celebrated on July 10. The day was originally marked to draw
attention to the need for loving families to adopt adorable bundles of fur from their local
Humane Societies and Animal Shelters.

Here in Greenville, the Animal Shelter has more than a dozen of the most adorable kitten fur
babies you will ever see.

The Shelter charges a fee of $50 (on special for July) to cover some of the basic medical needs
of the kittens. They come spayed or neutered and the kittens already have a round of shots.
The kind vets and handlers there make sure that your future fur baby is healthy and able to be
adopted into your family without a hitch.

Whether you like a solid colored kitten, a tabby, a tiger or just about anything else, you’ll find it
at the Greenville Animal Shelter, located at 1310 E. Commerce Street across from the old Boss
Manufacturing building. Their phone number is (334)382-7806.
Stop in today and find the new love of your life.

Currently available at the Greenville Animal
Shelter. Photos by Christy Johnson.