Cattle calls coming to a close at Montgomery Stockyard

The Montgomery Stockyard will hold its final sale Aug. 22. 

After more than 60 years serving cattlemen and farmers from this area, the current owner, Jerry Etheredge, has decided to close the live auction part of his business, although he still plans to hold video sales.

Etheredge told WSFA reporter Sally Pitts, “It’s going to be a sad and different day for us.”

While Etheredge does own the stockyard business, he does not own the building where the sales take place.

The actual building is owned by David and Amanda Jordan. At this time, they have no plans for the building, although the restaurant will stay open.

The stockyard, located at 4500 Mobile Highway, has been a staple in this region since it was originally built in 1958.

Due to the decline in sales, changes in the cattle industry and the overall economy, Etheredge made the decision to close after owning the business since 2007.

“We certainly appreciate all of the loyal customers that we’ve had for a long period of time, as well as the buyers that have supported us all this time,” Etheredge told WSFA.

Alvin Stinson, president of the Cattlemen’s Association Butler Chapter, remembers the stockyard fondly.

“Montgomery Stockyard for me brings back fond memories of when I was a boy,” Stinson said. He recalls attending sales at the stockyard back then. 

“I remember going to the leather shop and seeing all the leather goods. We would then go to dinner and come back for the sale,” he recalled. 

Stinson said the closing will not affect local cattlemen much.

“Letohatchee Stockyard takes in anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 cattle every Tuesday. The Montgomery Stockyard only took in 200 to 500 on Monday,” he said. 

The closure of another small business is what Stinson said concerns him. 

The numbers from 2022 compared to 2021 speak volumes about the current state of the cattle industry in Alabama.

The totals reported for July 25 for feeder, slaughter and replacement cattle were 442. This time last year, the total was 547.

The closure of another small business is what Stinson said concerns him. 

Etheredge is encouraging everyone to come out and visit before the last sale.

Montgomery Stockyard is located at 4500 Mobile Highway. The phone number is (334) 288-8060 or (334) 288-8064.  They are also on the web at Etheredge can be reached at (334) 422-1306.