New DYW named for 2022

Butler and Lowndes Counties held the annual Distinguished Young Woman scholarship competition Saturday at the Ritz Theater in downtown Greenville.

Five girls participated for cash scholarships and the opportunity to compete at the state level and via for additional scholarship awards.

The high school juniors and seniors competed in five categories: scholastics, interview, talent, fitness, and self-expression.

Mary Virginia Meadows was named 2022 Distinguished Young Woman of Butler County. Meadows wowed the judges and carried away scholarships for self-expression, fitness and talent categories as well.

Kinley Woodard was named the first runner-up. Woodard also won the scholastics category and the “Be Your Best Self” essay competition.

Anne Kathryn Smith took home the Proud Papas scholarship award and Rhian Grayson won Spirit of DYW and the interview categories.

Abigail Gluschick was named 2022 Lowndes County DYW.

The contestants had to answer a question on stage for the self-expression competition regarding what they feel can be done to create a more positive environment and how it would make an impact. The girls’ answers were centered around being kind, putting yourself in other people’s shoes, and having more compassion and kindness for others.

The contestants glided across the stage between categories and even performed a couple of dance compilations to entertain the crowd. The ladies showed their strength and stamina during the fitness category, performing high kicks and push-ups at center stage.

Each contestant was beautiful, poised and well-spoken throughout the event. Thanks to the Proud Papa’s scholarship contribution divided amongst the contestants, every young woman left with a little extra cash in their pocket to help them further their education.

The Meadows and Gluschick will compete at the state competition in Montgomery in January.