Rose Memorial Library receives children’s library grant

A collaboration between Georgiana’s Rose Memorial Library and the Greenville-Butler County Public Library is bringing good news for young readers visiting south Butler County’s only public library.

Via the GBCPL, the Rose Memorial Library, founded and staffed by members of the Three Arts Club of Georgiana and Chapman, was recently awarded the Children’s Book Project Grant through the Pilcrow Foundation. The Pilcrow Foundation’s stated mission is to provide quality children’s books to rural public libraries, ensuring an opportunity for active engagement within the community, and the chance to instill a love for lifelong learning.

The Georgiana library received 72 juvenile fiction books valued at just over $1,200 and an additional 22 juvenile math and science books valued at just over $400. The $1,200 grant was made possible by Pilcrow Foundation supporters Melind John, Mr. and Mrs. Hal Berenson and Laura Ackerman.

“The Three Arts Club put a significant amount of work into getting the Rose Memorial Library moved into its new location and we’d heard they needed children’s titles to enhance their children’s collection,” said Kevin Pearcy, GBCPL director. “The Pilcrow Foundation is an organization that provides such books through grants. We wanted to apply for this grant on behalf of the Rose Memorial Library to help meet that need.”

Lisa Lowe, president of the Three Arts Club, says the organization was truly excited to be recipients of the grant.

“This is a great thing for the Rose Memorial Library and all the children who will be able to benefit from these new additions to our shelves,” Lowe said.

“My sincere appreciation goes out to the Greenville-Butler County Public Library and its director, Kevin Pearcey, and to our wonderful volunteers, Lisa Peavy and Betsy Waggoner, who did much of the leg work in writing the grant and deciding exactly which books to apply for within the grant.”

Waggoner, a retired public school librarian, said the grant provided a much-needed enhancement of the library’s offerings.

“While we received many wonderful book donations to our library, our children’s section was our weakest when we made the move to our new building,” Waggoner said. “Now, thanks to grants and donations, I do believe it is the strongest section of our library.”

The additional $400 for the science and math books was provided by the GBCPL.

“We were happy to provide the matching funds, as we hope to build an ongoing relationship with the Three Arts Club to help them provide even more services to the people in Georgiana,” said Pearcy.

According to Waggoner, the RML has also been the beneficiary of grants from the Butler County Commission, RC&D, Alabama Power and numerous donations from individuals and local civic organizations.

“All libraries – from school to public and even our Little Free Library in front of our building – are beneficial in our communities.”

Waggoner encourages local parents and grandparents to bring their children to the Rose Memorial Library soon to explore the world of reading.

“Come and see the wonderful selection of books we now have, fill out library cards and begin checking out books at RML,” Waggoner encouraged.

The Rose Memorial Library is located at 337 Ebenezer Road in Georgiana. Call (334) 765-7323 or visit the Rose Memorial Library’s Facebook page to check on current hours of operation.