Nichols talks industrial electronics at Rotary

Holley Nichols and Christy Hutcheson were guest speakers at last Thursday’s weekly Rotary Club meeting.

Nichols gave information on the Industrial Electronics course available at LBW.

Nichols began working with LBW last year as the DAR WORC project director. It was a joint project through LBW and Reed State Technical College to improve the industrial maintenance and industrial electronic programs.

The program has been highly successful on the MacArthur campus Nichols said.

“This is a program that Butler County has tried to get over here for a while and I am excited to be a part of it and I can’t wait to see how it progresses,” Nichols said.

Industrial electronic technicians repair, install, and maintain pieces of electronic equipment.

“Our goal at LBW is to prepare them with hands on, real world experience,” Nichols told the group. “It is a very specific skill that has a broad range of opportunity for them once they get out into the field.”

Nichols said the biggest incentive for the course is that the program is five semesters long, high pay rate, rate of employment once graduates and the state of the art equipment that LBW has on campus.

A short certificate program is also available that is only two semesters long. Duel enrollment for the program is also available for grades 10-12 in Butler County The program is covered by the career and technical career scholarship which means most of the courses would be covered while they are duel enrolled.

Cory Wiggins is the current instructor of the course.

For more information or to register for the program, contact LBW’s Greenville Campus at 334-382-2133 or visit