ROTC brings home the win

Greenville High School JROTC captured the judge’s attention and secured several first place wins at the recent Sidney Lanier Drill Meet.

The team secured the following honors: First Place Overalll; 1st Place Armed Regulation; 1st Place Armed Color Guard; 1st Place Armed Squad Regulation; 1st Place Unarmed Regulation (A Team); 2nd Place Unarmed Regulation (B Team); 2nd Place Armed Exhibition; 2nd Place Unarmed Color Guard; 2nd Place Individual Knockout (Rylee Harrison); 2nd Place Unarmed Squad Regulation (Team 2); 3rd Place Unarmed Squad Regulation (Team 1); 3rd Place Armed Duo (Keelan Taylor and Jacob Pryor); 3rd Place Armed Inspection; 3rd Place Unarmed Inspection.