McDougald tabbed as new head of EMA

Joshua McDougald, the Interim Director at the Butler County EMA, was recently appointed to the position of EMA Director during the recent Butler County Commission meeting.

According to McDougald, although his title has changed, his responsibilities have remained the same. “I’m under the direction of the commission,” he said.  “If at any point they feel they have someone that could better fill the role, I will step down. It’s not a permanent position.”

McDougald was also given permission to change the education requirements, as well as the hourly pay for the EMA’s assistant position during the meeting. “The original position didn’t require applicants to have basic education requirements,” he said. “Applicants now have to have completed sixty-four college credit hours as well as be EMA certified.

Regarding hourly pay, McDougald says it will increase. “The position used to pay about $11 per hour, but I’m looking to increase it to about $15 per hour,” he said. “The position will also come with a county vehicle.”

In other business, the commission

Approved to send surplus sheriffs’ vehicles to the city of Georgiana

Reappointed Jan Black to the Butler County Water Authority Water Board

Approved the low big of $45,200 to fix the Butler County EMA building roof