Crystal Mini Storage folds its doors

Crystal Mini Storage is closing its doors after more than four decades of service to the residents of Butler County. Since the 1970’s, Joe Andrews, originally from the Honoraville area, has been a fixture in downtown Greenville. He offered not only affordable storage units but stories about the by-gone days of growing up in the local countryside.

The business was originally called Handy Mini Storage back when it first opened, but later became known as Crystal Mini Storage. In the beginning, they didn’t have all the features they are  known for today. 

When Debra Killough came to work there, she helped Mr. Joe, as everyone in town calls him, to expand his business ventures.

Debra Killough, a long-time employee at Crystal Mini Storage said she would be sad to go. “I’ve met so many good people while I was here. I’ll miss them,” she said.

Over the years Andrews added the fax service. Then, he signed a contract with U-Haul and started offering truck and trailer rentals. This allowed people coming or going to and from the local  area the ability to pick-up or drop-off their rentals at a convenient location.

Then, Andrews added the drop-off services with UPS (United Parcel Service).

The new owner, Rusty Varenkamp, from Nashville, Tennessee, will no longer be offering the fax, U-Haul or UPS services. His business is strictly storage units.  Safemax storage, formerly Crystal Mini Storage, has a call center that operates from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week, for any help or questions you might have.  They can be reached at (334)-686-1707.

All of the transactions will be done remotely.

Varenkamp currently has eight storage businesses across several states.

He plans on adding temperature controlled units in the warehouse across from the current outdoor units.

All is not lost for the citizens of Butler County, though.

Camellia Printing still offers fax services to the community. They are located at 107 N. Oliver St. in Greenville  and can be reached at (334)382-9621.

CVS pharmacy, located at 879 Fort Dale Road, Greenville, offers UPS drop-off services. Their number is (334) 382-3146 if you have any questions about their store hours or the UPS service.

There are still three U-Haul services available in this area.

The first is Simply Beautiful Events, located at 236 S. Jones Street, in Georgiana. For more information, call (334)362-2029.

Next is McKenzie Mall, at 196 Main Street, McKenzie. They can be reached at (334) 374-0062.

Also, near to the county is C3L The Market Place, LLC, at 10777 Hwy. 21 South in Fort Deposit. For more information call (334)227-4568.

For more information on U-Haul locations and services they can be contacted at their website,