2020 Crenshaw Highway Department Recap

The Crenshaw County Highway Department spent 2020 managing and repairing the aftermath of three declared disasters.

Hurricane Sally made landfall Sept. 16 and Crenshaw County was not spared. Many roads were washed away and required emergency repair such as Mt. Ida Road, South Glenwood Road, and Lapine Highway. The emergency repair sites cost $125,000 to repair. $60,000 was spent on debris removal and $370,000 in road work under FEMA.

February flooding caused documented damages of $45,000.

April winds caused $146,000 in debris removal cost.

Crunching the numbers: According to Benji Sanders, county engineer, Crenshaw County highway Department hauled a total of $69,321 cubic yards of materials, 3371 tri-axel truck loads. That averages out to 17 tri-axle loads of material every day worked in 2020 for the highway department.