First Baptist Church hosts VBS

Vacation Bible School is in full swing throughout Butler County.

First Baptist Church of Greenville is currently having their VBS program, “Destination Dig, Unearthing the Truth About Jesus,” this week, June 14 thru June 18 from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The vacation bible school is open to kids ages four thru sixth grade. Activities include arts and crafts, outdoor recreation, music and dance, and bible study.

We have had a good turnout,” Mary Bertha Zorn, VBS director said. “There are around 135 students and staff here per day.”

Calie Little, pictured above, just finished fifth grade and was enjoying dance and music class on Tuesday at VBS.

Many of the younger classes were playing dodgeball outside in the sunshine during their recreation time. Giggles and screams could be heard around the church as boys and girls jumped out of the way of the rolled ball so they wouldn’t be out.

“VBS has gone really well. We have had a great response from the congregation for teachers and workers. Many people have even taken off from work to be there to teach in the mornings,” Tom Daniel, interim pastor, said.  “The kids have been very attentive and, of course, we have kept them busy. We have a rotation of different events to keep them active and listening.”

Southside Baptist Church and Bushy Creek Baptist Church held their VBS last week. Antioch West Baptist Church is holding their VBS this week and Walnut Street Church of Christ is having theirs later this month.