Greenville Dog Park donated new picnic table

When Greenville’s dog park opened up in late November 2021, there was no place for pet lovers to sit and enjoy the space.

On Friday, that dilemma was solved thanks to a generous donation by David Magee and Jeff McCrae.

According to Butler County Humane Society President Kandys Killough, the three were having lunch following a $2,500 donation the pair made to the humane society when they asked what more they could do to help out.

“I told them we needed a place to sit at the new dog park, and these guys said they could build a picnic table for us,” Killough said.

Magee said he wanted to contribute to many shelters in the immediate area.

“I’ve just retired and took some money and put it in a charitable trust and was looking for places to spend it,” he said. “Jeff lives in Spanish Fort, and I live in Pensacola, but we have this little farm around the Davenport and Highland Home area. I’ve been donating to the animal rescue in Mississippi, which is where I am from, but we decided we wanted to make contributions all around.”

McCrae says he and Magee plan to install more benches in the park soon.

McCrae recently opened a woodworking shop in the Davenport/Highland Home area.