Valentine’s Cutest Couple winners, Terry & Lisa Motes

Terry and Lisa Motes did not have the best luck when it came to love. Both had failed a failed marriage under their belts. Fortunately, along with lost love came an understanding of what they really wanted in a partner.

Lisa was out with some friends on March 10, 2006, relaxing and having a little fun. Terry approached Lisa and asked her to dance. Lisa turned him down. Thankfully, Lisa had good friends by her side who convinced her to take a swing around the dance floor and they haven’t stopped dancing since.

They were married in September of the following year becoming a blended family of six with Terry’s two boys and Lisa’s two boys.

“We are soulmates.” Lisa said. “We are complete opposites but also a lot alike. We know what each other is thinking and often finish each other’s sentence; we open our mouths and the same words come out.”

In April of 2010, only two years after saying “I Do,” the couple faced a terrifying time. Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“He was there with me through everything that I went through,” Lisa recalls. “Helping me with housework, cooking, doctors, surgeries and still went to work every day. He kept his promise for better or worse, sickness and health.”

Lisa survived with the help and support of Terry.

“We now just enjoy life. We often sit on the porch and watch our one chicken in the yard,” Lisa said laughing.

Lisa said the key to their successful marriage is not going to bed angry.

“We try not to argue, but every couple has their ups and downs,” Lisa said. “Every day is wonderful with him. He makes me laugh even when I want to cry. My life is perfect with him. We are soulmates.”

The Moates’ love story won them the Cutest Couple contest sponsored by the Greenville Advocate. They won the following prizes thanks to generous donations from businesses in the Greenville area: McFerrin’s Jewelry Gift Certificate $20 value, Sweet Heart Alabama Gift Certificate $30 value, dinner for two at Wintzell’s Oyster House in Greenville $50 value, bouquet of flowers from All Occasions Creations $75 Value, and 18 holes of golf for two with cart from RTJ Cambrian Ridge $190 value.