9-year-old teaches himself coding, passes knowledge along to high school seniors

Myles Chandler was a guest teacher in Mrs. Isabelle Caron’s high school Intro to Coding class at Crenshaw Christian Academy.

He was asked to share his knowledge on the coding program, Scratch, that the seniors have been studying.

Chandler demonstrated how to build games consisting of jumping games, keeping score and end game display to the class.

“The students were very impressed with Myles enthusiasm, knowledge, and easy to follow instructions” Caron said. “In fact, they were so impressed, they requested for Myles to come again.”

Chandler wants to be a video game programmer when he grows up and it seems he is on the right path to making that dream a reality. Chandler learned how to code on Scratch from tutorials on YouTube and other websites. He is a third grader at CCA and is 9 years old.

It may not be a surprise to some that Chandler is great at teaching. His grandmother, Annette, has taught students in Crenshaw County for decades.

Chandler and his mom, Megan Chandler, are life-long residents of the Spring Hill community in Brantley.

When not making and playing video games, Chandler loves playing with his cat, Cutie Pie, and eating pizza.