Step up to Next Level Outlet

Thursday, April 14 was a big day in downtown Greenville. Christopher and Jalesa Crenshaw opened their new store, Next Level Outlet on West Commerce Street, offering both men’s and women’s apparel. An official ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by local businesses and community members eager to see what the new store would have. T

When asked how they came up with the idea for their store, Christopher said, “In November of 2021, I couldn’t find a white shirt.” Necessity being the mother of invention, the Crenshaw’s decided to open their own store.

Christopher said he drives a truck and travels all over. While he was out on the road, he talked to God about it. The couple  talked to each other about it. Then, they talked to a couple of financial institutions here in town about it. The bank didn’t think it was a good idea.

The Crenshaw’s thought otherwise.

Being on the road, Christopher had the opportunity to see what was out there as far as retail outlets.

“Every Friday, I’d stop in different places. Everything in the store, my hand has been on,” Christopher said. I personally look for good quality stuff that we can sell.”

The Crenshaw’s started buying merchandise for the store before they had the building to put it in.

“We were stepping out on faith,” Jalesa said .


“Everything in here,” Christopher added, “we paid cash for. We sacrificed for it.”

Every week, Christopher came home to Greenville with more merchandise for the store that didn’t exist yet. He shopped in Chicago, Indiana, and Pensacola. In every town where his trucking job took him, he looked and he shopped.

Then, a couple of friends helped him get into contact with people who were wholesale distributors. The Crenshaw’s then started buying in bulk.

“The clothes come from all over,” Christopher said.

Soon, they got a storage building to store the merchandise. Then, they got another one.

Meanwhile, both Crenshaw’s continued to pray.

In February of this year, their prayers were answered. They were able to lease the building at 140 West Commerce Street. Christopher said they wanted it to have a “special touch, not just stuff thrown in.” They worked hard and fast to meet the grand opening date of April 14.

“We want to specialize in tee shirts. We have tee shirts for $2.99 each, but if you buy five, then they are only $1.99 each,” Christopher said.

The couple would like to expand their current inventory to include school uniforms in the future.

The Crenshaw’s also acquired the store next to the Baked Potato Company here in Greenville. They plan to make it a boutique style shop and carry a plus size selection.

Good quality for a good price is the motto of this new venture. “It’s been a journey,” Jalesa said. Her husband added, “The journey has been long, but it’s not over.”

With the support and well wishes of this community, the Crenshaw’s are well on their way to making their dreams come true.

The Next Level Outlet is located at 140 West Commerce Street in historic downtown Greenville.Their hours of operation are Monday 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday they are open 10 a.m. -7 p.m. Next Level Outlet is closed on Sunday, and the hours may change in the future. They are currently working on their social media presence and getting a phone in the store.