Fort Dale Academy basketball update week 8

The Fort Dale Academy boys varsity basketball team suffered multiple losses throughout their matchups the week of January 24.

During their January 27 game against the Ezekiel Academy Knights, the Eagles lost 53-48. 

Sawyer Fossett led the team with 28 points, two steals, one assist and four rebounds. 

Brody Stringer and Ethan Alford scored five points each. 

Stringer had two steals, two assists and four rebounds while Alford had one steal, one block, seven assists and three rebounds.

Joseph Ealum scored four points with three rebounds. 

Ty Carter and Jon Nolan Lawrence scored two points each. 

Carter had one steal and four rebounds while Lawrence had one rebound.

Dain Winter and Andy Seo scored one point. 

Winters had one steal and two rebounds while Seo had one rebound. 

By the end of the first the Eagles managed a 14-13 lead. However, the team lost traction throughout the second quarter and fell behind 21-26. 

Both teams were evenly matched throughout the third and fourth quarters. 

During their game against Clarke Prep on Friday, January 28, the Eagles fell 50-36. 

Fossett led the team with 11 points, two steals and six rebounds.

Alford and Stringer scored nine points each. 

Alford had five assists and five rebounds while Stinger had one block and two rebounds. 

Jackson Scott scored five points with two assists and seven rebounds. 

Lawrence scored two points with 1 block. 

In the first quarter, the Eagles fell behind 7-8. Both teams were evenly matched in the second quarter scoring nine points each. 

In the third and fourth quarter Clarke Prep outmaneuvered the Eagles and extended their lead to take the win. 

The Eagles have a 5-14 record for the season and are currently battling it out in the state tournament.