Is more snow on the way?

Bailey Lambert enjoys a snow day in Greenville with her dogs Coop and Max .Bailey is a ninth grader at Fort Dale Academy.

On Sunday, January 16, much to the delight of children, and not so much, older adults, snow flurries fell in Greenville. The “blizzard of 2022” as it was joking referred to on social media, stuck around for a couple of hours, lightly dusting the trees and ground making the perfect backdrop for winter pictures.

Residents of all ages and several of man’s best friends made their way outdoors to frolic in the floating ice flakes.

Bishop Marsh 6, Bronner Marsh 7, and Sipsey Marsh. Mom is Alex McLaughlin Marsh and dad is Justin Marsh. Bishop and Bronner attend Fort Dale Academy.

With temperatures below freezing the last several nights, Jack Frost sure is making up for missing the Christmas Holidays, where many in our area were still wearing shorts and flip flops.

Today, the temperature is back on the rise and is expected to reach 60 degrees according to the National Weather Service. But don’t put the winter clothes away just yet! A cold front is headed this way and may bring the coldest weather we have seen yet.

More rain is possible late tonight and into tomorrow. The weekend is forecasted to be dry but chilly with temps dipping into the 20s.

Make sure to bundle up if you brave the outdoors this weekend. I will be warm in front of a fire with hot chocolate and a good book if I have my way!