Dona Fore: A pillar of motherly reliability

Published 7:00 am Sunday, June 2, 2024

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Dona Fore has been named The Greenville Advocate’s inaugural “Celebrating Moms” sweepstakes winner. Nominated by her daughter, Shantia Rivers, Fore’s commitment to her family has made her a pillar of support and love to her family and community.

“She works hard,” Rivers said. “But anytime I call her, she’s there.” 

Fore’s reliability has been a lifeline for Rivers, who faced a sudden transition to motherhood four years ago when she gained custody of a two-week-old baby. The arrival of her son, now almost a year old, added to the demands, but Fore was always there, ready to help.

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Rivers recounted how crucial her mother’s support was during her postpartum period. 

“When I was going through a little bit of postpartum [depression], she would always know when I needed a break or a helping hand,” Rivers said. “She would just swoop in and get my baby like he was hers and let me take a breather.”

Understanding the importance of self-care, Fore ensures her daughter gets the breaks she needs.

“I take the kids and let her have a day to herself sometimes,” Fore said. “When you get to that point where you can’t function, you have to take care of yourself. So I try to always be there to give her that.”

Fore, a married mother of two and grandmother of three, has worked as a team lead at Smart in Luverne for almost 10 years. Transitioning from mother to grandmother was a profound change for her. 

“It was amazing. I went from being just a mom to someone’s grandma,” Fore said. “My kids were grown, and I had to learn all over again.”

As a grandmother, Fore admits she has a soft spot when it comes to her grandchildren and balances firmness and indulgence differently than she did with her own children.

“She was hard on her own kids,” Rivers noted. “But with those grandkids… she spoils them.”

Fore takes pride in her children’s achievements and tries to replicate the support she received from her own parents.

“I had Tomas when I was in 11th grade, and my parents stepped in so that I could finish school,” she explained. “By the time Shantia came along, I was a single mom without any real help so I thank God my parents were there. Both of my kids are doing so well now.  I’m so proud of them. There’s nothing I would change. I’m really grateful for both of them.”

The bond between Fore and her children is strong, marked by frequent visits and shared moments. 

“We get together a lot just to sit around and catch up,” Fore said. “I don’t care if it’s only an hour a day. I want to go and catch up. Make sure I’m not missing out on anything, just spend time with them.”

Rivers holds deep admiration for her mother. “My Mom is my best friend even at the age I am,” she said. “She’s definitely my biggest supporter. I always call her my ‘super mom’ because she deserves more than what the world offers her.”

Donna Fore’s dedication and love for her family shine through in every aspect of her life, making her the perfect recipient of the “Celebrating Moms” award. Her story exemplifies the resilience and strength that mothers bring to their families, setting a high standard for future awardees.