This week in history –1987

Published 1:14 pm Friday, April 26, 2024

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In the April 1987 edition of The Greenville Advocate, readers were treated to a variety of intriguing stories and updates from the community. From the ghostly encounters of renowned author Kathryn Tucker Windham to wildlife sightings and academic achievements. Each article offered readers a glimpse into the unique and vibrant community of Greenville.


  • Mrs. Kathryn Windham’s Ghostly Collection:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

         Windham, a noted ghostwriter and author, collected a series of stories about her resident ghost, Jeffrey. Windham                         believed that Jeffrey haunted her home, attributing his presence to various unexplained occurrences. She noted that                      Jeffrey became mischievous when she wasn’t working on a ghost story book, suggesting that he enjoyed being the subject              of her tales and desires to remain a prominent figure in her life. Despite his occasional antics, Windham stated that she                and her family were fond of Jeffrey, viewing him more as a friendly spirit than a source of fear. Her books and talks about            Jeffrey and his ghostly friends captured the imaginations of many. Artists and fans have created mementos of Jeffrey for              her, decorating her home with artistic interpretations of the friendly ghost. Windham was scheduled to share stories about         Jeffrey at the Greenville Public Library on April 28, 1987.

  • Snake Season Alert:

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          With the arrival of warmer weather, snakes were emerging from hibernation. Local resident Tim Stuart found two                          cottonmouth snakes near his home off Butler County Road 59. Residents were reminded to be cautious, as these snakes                are venomous.

  • Greenville Represents in Taekwondo Championships:

          Richard Moorer, James Merrett, Cecil Folds, Neil Merrett, Bill Moorer, Richard Rogers, Bucky Brown and Andy Folds                    represented Greenville in the American Taekwondo Regional Championships in Montgomery.

  • Mathematics Tournament Success:

         Greenville Elementary School fifth graders competed in the Montgomery Academy 14th Annual Invitational Mathematics             Tournament, showcasing their skills against students from across the state.

  • Greenville High School Essay Winners:

         Juniors Traci Griffin and Tim Hattaway won an essay competition and were selected to represent Butler County and                       Pioneer Electric on the Youth Tour. Each student received a $50 cash prize for their winning essays.