Anne Keen: The heart of Greenville Pediatrics

Published 9:36 am Friday, April 19, 2024

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Anne Keen, a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) at Greenville Pediatrics, didn’t plan on a career in pediatrics. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

“I wanted geriatrics, but my professor set up an internship at the Children’s Hospital,” Keen said. “I didn’t want to go but he told me I was going…and I went. I fell in love with it within the first week and I knew I would never leave. I knew I would stay right there in pediatrics. I loved it, but it was definitely an accident.”

After completing her internship, Keen returned to Greenville and embarked on a mission to establish Greenville Pediatrics. 

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“I started the clinic,” Keen said. “I bought the building, developed the corporation, got the computers, the insurance. I was my own office manager for a long time which was probably not the greatest idea. But I had to create a job for myself, and I love Greenville. I’ve lived [in] other places, but I love it here. This is where I wanted to be.”

For the past 28 years, Keen has been the driving force behind Greenville Pediatrics, filling a crucial gap in pediatric care in the area.

“Dr. Williams was here and he was wonderful,” Keen said. “He was really wonderful to me and we had a great working relationship. But he was already full. Being self-employed, you can use your resources to actually help people and see patients in what we consider is the right way. We don’t get everything right, but we try our best to be our patients’ advocate.”

Keen’s dedication to her patients extends beyond the clinic’s walls and regular business hours.

“If I need to meet a patient after hours or on the weekends, that’s what I do,” Keen said. “We try to stay up-to-date with current Pediatrics and the newest equipment. We’re really big on following the science.” 

One of Keen’s proudest achievements is the clinic’s focus on preventing future diseases through vaccines, early detection, check-ups, and early treatment of developmental disorders.

Outside of work, Keen is a devoted wife to Keith Till and a loving mother to four children. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and volunteering at her church. 

Grace McNaughton, a nurse at Greenville Pediatrics, has known Keen since childhood and speaks highly of her.

“She really cares about the patients and the employees,” McNaughton said. “It’s not like working for a big corporation. She’s seen people on weekends and evenings, and when people are in a tight financial position, she does everything she can to make sure those children still get care. She just always goes above and beyond.”

Anne Keen’s journey from a reluctant pediatric intern to a pillar of Greenville’s healthcare community is a testament to the power of serendipity and the unwavering devotion to serving others.