This Week in History: 1969

Published 2:32 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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This week in 1969, The Greenville Advocate captured the essence of everyday life and entertainment in Butler County. Headlines featured stories that ranged from the envy-inducing rides of young Edwin Rogers to the introduction of Ford’s new 1970 Maverick, movies showing at the Ritz Theatre and more. 

  • Scale Model Stutz-Bearcat Envy of Neighborhood: Edwin Rogers, 5, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walt Rogers, became the envy of the neighborhood as he rode his battery-operated Stutz-Bearcat, a scale-model sports car. The car could go either forward or in reverse, and Edwin was often seen sporting boots, perhaps in anticipation of encountering a real pony.


  • Family Rides Together on Bicycle Built for Two: The Charles Colquett family enjoyed outings on a bicycle built for two. However, when Jennifer Ann Colquett demanded a ride with her parents, there was nothing to do but take her along. The family “rode together and stayed together” on their outings in Greenville streets, showcasing a simple yet heartwarming family activity.


  • 200 New Parking Meters Installed: The city installed 200 new parking meters on city streets. The meters offered up to two hours of parking in all areas except in front of the post office, where the 12-minute meters remained in effect. Chief E. B. Stafford warned users of the meters that they must wind the lever all the way to the right after dropping in the coins to receive credit on the meter. Coin multiples were accepted in the new meters, with pennies and nickels going in one slot and only dimes in the right-hand slot.


  • “Angel In My Pocket” at Ritz Theatre: The Ritz Theatre began showing “Angel In My Pocket,” a Universal film starring Andy Griffith and Lee Meriwether. The film presented the hilarious story of a young minister, played by Griffith, his wife, portrayed by Meriwether, and their family as they became immersed in his first congregation, a feud-torn church in a small mid-western town.


  • Ford Introduces 1970 Maverick: Clement Motor Co. in Greenville, introduced the long-heralded 1970 Maverick, a new small car from Ford Division, on Thursday, Apr. 17. Priced at $1,995, the Maverick was a two-door sedan of modified fastback design with a hint of an air spoiler or “ducktail” at the rear. It was designed to carry a family of four with adequate luggage space, appealing to those seeking a practical yet stylish vehicle.