Buck Mount – Honoring his father’s legacy

Published 3:22 pm Friday, April 5, 2024

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Buck Mount has been selected as The Greenville Advocate hero of the week for his outstanding contributions to the community. For over a decade, Buck has touched the lives of many, embodying the spirit of generosity and compassion.

Janet Mount, Buck’s wife, commended his dedication to going the extra mile for so many.

“For the last ten years, Buck has done so much for the community,” Janet said. “So many people in our community know him and come to him for extra help like needing a tire ‘till Friday, or needing their car fixed as soon as possible to make it out of town for a doctor’s appointment. If he sees someone on the side of the road, he’s going to stop and help.”

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Reflecting on his actions, Buck credits his generous spirit to his family and his upbringing.

“A lot of times you get situations, like a young girl on the side of the road; she’s headed to the beach or something, her parents aren’t there and she doesn’t have any money,” Buck said. “I’ll fix her up and send her on… and half the time, her family will mail a check in. Whatever you can do to help someone. That’s what my daddy taught me to do.”

Janet also highlights that her husband cooks each year for the Lions Club annual Radio Day fundraiser. He donates all the food for the event, ensuring the club makes a full profit.

“I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the amazing crew that I have,” Buck insisted. “I get so much support from them and of course my wife Janet, my brother Derek and my mom Angie.”

In addition to cooking and car maintenance, Buck gives back to the community by organizing a yearly car show with all proceeds benefiting a local family affected by cancer. The car show holds special significance for Buck, as it honors his father. 

“My daddy died of cancer, and he always wanted to have a car show downtown,” Buck shared. “Right before he died, we were able to put it on for him.”

Buck’s giving spirit doesn’t stop at charitable donations but extends to his business practices as well. 

“He’s the owner of F&S Towing, where he will get stranded families to hotels and give rides back and forth to get food or whatever they may need until they’re on their way,” Janet added. 

Recently, Buck expanded his efforts by opening Mount Feed on U.S. Highway 31, offering feed as well as plants and flowers, and delivering truckloads of feed to older families in the community, stacking it in their barns at no cost.

Employee Anthony Davidson says Buck helped him through a difficult period in his life and praised Buck’s character.

“He’s a good person. I’ve been working for him off and on for about ten years,” Davidson said. “He’ll help anybody out. If he can help you, he will help you.”

Buck’s unwavering dedication to helping others has made a profound impact on the community, earning him the title of Hero of the Week. His kindness and generosity serve as an inspiration to all.