Library launches “No Stress Book Club”

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, April 3, 2024

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The Greenville Butler County Library has launched a new program, the “No Stress Book Club,” aimed at creating a relaxed and open environment for book lovers to share their reading experiences. Library director Kevin Pearcey describes the program as a refreshing departure from traditional book clubs.

“Some book clubs, everyone reads the same book and then they discuss it,” Pearcey said. “Here, you’re not required to read a certain book. So, people read whatever they want and then they come in and talk about it and recommend titles or authors.”

Pearcey emphasizes that the open format allows participants to explore titles, authors and genres they might not have considered otherwise.

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Sandy Rodgers, a circulation clerk at the library and host of the book club, has noticed a positive response from participants. Attendance varies, with anywhere from a few people to eight attendees per session. Rodgers highlights the diverse reading interests within the group, noting that each member brings a unique perspective to the discussions.

“There’s a few that consistently come that are really excited to tell me about their newest book, so I think it’s a fun thing that none of them read the same book,” Rodgers said. “They come in and talk about what they’re reading and just give general information about it. We try to never give the whole story away.”

Rodgers emphasizes that the book club not only provides a platform for sharing reading experiences but also serves as a social gathering that fosters connections within the community.

“Everyone is welcome,” Rodgers said. “It’s just a chill hour of talking about books.”

She adds, “Not everyone reads fantasy or romance or true crime. Then you may end up learning about a book or a genre you’ve never read. A lot of people end up going, ‘Hey, I need to check that out.’”

The club meets every other Wednesday at 4 p.m. at the library, offering attendees light refreshments such as cookies and coffee.

The club is open to anyone who wishes to attend and individuals are encouraged to “just show up” to the library located at 309 Fort Dale Road in Greenville.