Municipal business is everyone’s business

Published 2:53 pm Friday, March 29, 2024

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The Butler County Commission meets twice a month, on the second and fourth Monday. Some meetings host an audience which fills the room, and others boast hardly any witnesses. 

The Lowndes County Commission met for its second-Monday meeting March 25. The Commission Courtroom, where the meetings are held, was filled to standing-room only capacity. 

The commission met to discuss important issues of concern to area residents. Each meeting, in fact, features discussions and decisions vital to the everyday life of every citizen. 

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Meeting attendance is nearly always vibrant in Lowndes County but the same is not always true for meetings of county commissions and town counties across Alabama. 

Some elected officials meet, carry out business and adjourn with few or no citizens present to witness the meeting. 

In every municipality citizens are invited to attend meetings and hear discussions. With the exception of executive sessions, all such meetings are open to the public. 

Citizens would do well to attend meetings and participate in governing their city or county. Residents sometimes ask, “Why bother?” Others ponder, “What difference can one person make?”

By attending meetings, citizens can learn what current issues impact their community. They can witness how their elected officials manage those issues and gain information relevant in deciding whether to reelect representatives. 

Most importantly, citizens can ensure the effective performance and accountability of elected representatives. By being present, residents send a clear message, “We are care and we are watching.”

To learn when and where city and county meetings are held, visit the governing body’s website or call the local office.