Greenville author to release ‘In the Light of Nostalgia’

Published 9:00 am Sunday, March 17, 2024

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A local author, Jennifer (Lowery) Bagwell, will soon celebrate the release of her debut book “In the Light of Nostalgia,” a collection of free-verse poetry delving into the emotions that define the human experience. The book, begun in 2017, is slated for release May 14.

“I began working on my book, In the Light of Nostalgia, in 2017. It’s a collection of free-verse poetry that I first began writing as a therapeutic outlet.  In 2022, I decided that I might have something really special on my hands and dug into the manuscript. I finished it in 2023 and signed a publishing deal with Jack Wild Publishing.”

Bagwell, whose maiden name is Lowery, lived in Greenville from 2004-2014. She graduated from Greenville High School (GHS) in 2005, and has spent her life exploring various writing formats and styles but ultimately found her true voice in the realm of free-verse poetry.

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As someone who spent their teenage years and young adulthood in the community (facing both the joys and struggles of small-town life), I felt compelled to share a bit about my journey in hopes that some might find it inspiring when it comes to chasing their own dreams.”

While living in Greenville, Bagwell typically hovered just above the poverty line, she said, and for several years, worked both as a 911 Dispatcher and as a server at Ruby Tuesday to make ends meet. 

“I couldn’t afford college and was navigating young adulthood in the midst and aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis,” Bagwell said. “This was a world before remote work became so prevalent, and many of us found ourselves in survival mode doing what we could to get by – sacrificing many of our goals and ambitions in the process.

“As someone from a small town who still (at 37) doesn’t hold a college degree, this last year has felt incredibly surreal regarding my career.” 

In 2023, Bagwell was featured in Jack Wild Publishing’s AVALON Anthology Summer Edition, which included a full-length author interview and three of her free-verse poems. One of Bagwell’s poems was also included in their Fall Edition.

She has tried  her hand at photography and two of her photos, one taken in Greenville, will grace the cover of Cristopher Poindexter’s latest book, “Nameless.” 

“While both photos of mine used for the cover are incredibly special to me, one in particular is especially so – it was taken in downtown Greenville in front of The Ritz Theatre,” Bagwell said.  “The front cover of ‘Nameless’ is a photo taken in the streets of New Orleans, with the back cover showcasing The Ritz.” 

According to Bagwell, “Nameless” is a journey that explores the depths of the human experience, confronting themes of the human condition, depression and addiction with raw intensity. 

“The contrast between the locations shot for the front and back cover proves that no matter where we come from, the human condition is often universal,” she said.

Publishers describe “In the Light of Nostalgia” as a raw and unfiltered lens, a lyrical exploration of universal themes — love, heartbreak, mental health, grief, friendship, family and self-love.

Throughout the verses, Bagwell unravels the delicate tapestry of love and guides the reader through a labyrinth of loss and identity.

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