The Moore you know: No security, no funding

Published 9:45 am Friday, March 1, 2024

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By Rep. Barry Moore


Since Biden became our president, eight million illegal immigrants from more than 160 countries have crossed our border – many from places that harbor hostilities toward the United States. Just this year, over 20,000 Chinese nationals have come across. They aren’t here to do us any favors.  

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Unless we secure our border, American families will be forced to face the dire consequences. New York City, who has welcomed thousands of these illegals, is a case study for the harm America Last policies can do. Mayor Eric Adams is offering all NYC illegals a debit card with $10,000, at the expense of his constituents. Meanwhile, thanks to Biden’s inflation, NYC rent prices are 30% higher than they were in 2020.  

That’s why I signed the Immigration Accountability Pledge to promise my constituents that I will not vote to fund the government until our border is secure. I will not aid and abet a woke, weaponized, and wasteful government that is targeting the American people and allows dangerous criminals, child traffickers, and fentanyl traffickers to pour into our country and endanger American families.  

Unfortunately, this is not the only crisis America is facing. We are $34 trillion in debt and government funding expires March 1. This Congress, House Republicans made significant headway on appropriations bills for the first time in many years, sending seven to the Senate. These bills, which I supported, included important spending cuts and policies the American people want, such as prohibiting DEI and CRT at the federal level, defunding the World Health Organization, stopping Chinese purchases of American farmland, and ending taxpayer-funded abortion travel.  

The Senate and the White House have made it clear they will not advance these bills, nor will they consider H.R. 2, the strongest border security bill in American history. While the House does not have the power to force their hand on those items, we can introduce legislation that would cut spending across the board, rather than passing another omnibus monstrosity that would only continue the failed policies of Biden and Pelosi.  

Americans are already spending $11,400 more this year just to purchase basic goods. If House Republicans let Biden’s policies prevail, our debt will continue to balloon, and taxpayer dollars will be used to care for illegals at the expense of our own citizens.  

I will continue to stand against Biden’s out-of-control spending and open borders – Americans deserve better.  

If you need help from my office with the VA, IRS, or another federal agency, or if we can help you with a government service like processing a passport request, I hope you will reach out to us. We’ve resolved over 4,200 cases since I took office in 2021. Visit one of my offices in Wetumpka, Dothan, Andalusia, Troy, or Washington, call us at 334-478- 6330, or visit to learn how we can help.