Senator Robert Stewart: A Rising Star in Politics

Published 1:00 pm Friday, March 1, 2024

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Alabama Senator Robert Stewart, a Democrat representing District 23, has quickly emerged as a prominent figure in state politics. Elected in November 2022, Stewart, the youngest member of the Senate, has already made a significant impact in his district, which includes Butler, Clarke, Conecuh, Dallas, Lowndes, Monroe, Perry and Wilcox counties.

Stewart’s path to the Senate reflects his commitment to education and public service. 

Born in Selma, Stewart earned his bachelor’s degree from Tuskegee University in 2012 and a graduate degree from Kennesaw State University in 2016.

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“I’m from Selma, born and raised. I descend from Gee’s bend,” Stewart said. “That’s my ancestry. My late maternal grandmother was a nurse on Bloody Sunday.”

His career has included work as an accountant and a tax and disclosure advocate, showcasing his commitment to financial responsibility and transparency. In addition to his Senatorial role, Stewart serves as Chief Budget Officer and Vice-president of Talladega College. 

“I just want to bloom where I’m planted,” Stewart said. “It’s the honor of a lifetime to represent my community and advocate for my constituents’ needs.”

One of Stewart’s defining characteristics is his dedication to community engagement and mentorship, particularly with organizations like 100 Black Men. With the motto of “What they see is what they’ll be,”100 Black Men is recognized as one of the nation’s top African American led mentoring groups.

Charles H. Johnson, Sr., who has known Stewart since his school days, describes him as a “Rising Star,” noting his involvement in various community initiatives as well as his leadership within the 100 Black Men organization.

“Growing up, he was always involved in something, so I’d see him from time to time. He’s always been very focused and involved with issues in the community,” Johnson said. “What really stands out is his work with the 100 Black Men. On top of everything else he does, he’s the lead mentor for that group. He secures the meeting spots; he lines up the speakers and mentors groups of young men. He was mentoring children at the middle school back before he was even in politics.” 

Mark Hawkins, the presiding Elder at AME Zion Church in Greenville, spoke highly of Stewart’s character and integrity. Hawkins emphasized Stewart’s commitment to serving the best interests of everyone in his district, highlighting Stewart’s leadership qualities and his strong moral compass.

“I met him when he was first running for office,” Hawkins said. “We talked a good bit and got to know each other outside of his role as Senator. I can say he is a person of character and integrity.

He’s a natural leader and a good God-fearing man and I’m a pretty good judge of character. He’s going to do well because he has the best interest of everyone at heart.”

Through his work with the local school system, Stewart met Cindy Owens, a voting rights movement foot soldier who worked closely with Rosa Parks and currently volunteers at Selma’s Keith Middle/High School. Owens commended Stewart for his responsible and intelligent leadership, noting his dedication to serving the people he represents. Praising Stewart’s work with 100 Black Men, Owens highlighted his role as a lead mentor and his efforts to positively influence young men in the community.

“I met him through the school… participating in various programs for the 100 Black Men,” Owens said. “Robert is a responsible and intelligent young leader. That, coupled with his great love for the people he serves… he is definitely worthy to represent our present and future political endeavors.”

In response to the praise from his peers and constituents, Stewart expressed gratitude for their support and emphasized his commitment to serving the needs of all residents in District 23.

“I am honored to represent the people of Alabama and remain dedicated to addressing the issues that matter most to our communities,” Stewart said.

“I rise with the belief that the next day can be better. I want to honor the people that paved the way and create pathways for future generations.”

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