Democratic Conference endorses Napoleon Bracy

Published 1:30 pm Friday, February 16, 2024

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On Feb 8, Napoleon Bracy, Jr., candidate for the 2nd Congressional District, received a significant show of support with the endorsement of the Alabama Democratic Conference following the conference’s 64th Annual Conference on Feb. 3. 

“I said it was our time, and all of the good news thus far is proving that it truly is,” Bracy said. “I want to thank the leadership of the Alabama Democratic Conference and its members for this endorsement. I have been working alongside so many of you for the past 20 years serving Alabama, so to have your support at this critical point in the campaign is something I do not take lightly.” 

“In my heart, I’m still just a kid from Prichard who overcame the odds stacked against him, and I have remained dedicated to making sure those who come after me have an easier road ahead,” Bracy continued. “This endorsement is another step forward, not just for our campaign but for us. I said when I announced that the only way we can stand is together, and I am proud to have the support of the ADC as we fight to protect Black representation and secure District 2.”

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This endorsement comes after two recent polls, one internal poll conducted by Lester and Associates for Democrat Shomari Figures’ campaign and another from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which shows Bracy leading the packed Democratic Party. Bracy is proud to have a broad coalition of support demonstrating the growing momentum of the Bracy Community Campaign and the positive response of having a candidate focused on shifting power back into the hands of the people. 

“Only through a unified effort can we succeed,” said Joe L. Reed, Chair of the Alabama Democratic Conference. “It’s going to be a big challenge to elect a Black [representative], but if we work together, we can work together, we can give Alabama Democrats a second Black Congressperson for a 2024 Christmas present.” 

“There were 11 Democratic candidates interviewed by the ADC. Our challenge is unity,” Reed continued. “If we stick together, nobody can stop us, but if we get divided, nobody can help us. Our destination is simple. We want to win with Bracy.”

“The best man for the job is already doing the job!” said Charlie L. Staten, chairman of the Mobile County Democratic Conference and vice chairman of the Alabama Black Caucus of the Democratic National Committee. 

The Alabama Democratic Conference (ADC) was formed in 1960 to support the Kennedy – Johnson Presidential ticket and has remained a bellwether for political change in Alabama for the past 55 years. Formed on the belief that Black lives affect change, the ADC is unequaled in demonstrating that Black lives matter. In 1968, the ADC brokered a deal with the Democratic Party leadership to get the first black delegates from Alabama seated at a Democratic National Convention. Today, Blacks constitute a voting majority in the State Party. Moreover, at the past two Democratic National Conventions, Alabama had more black delegates per capita than any other state, based on a survey by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies in Washington, D.C.