History comes to life at Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival

Published 11:10 am Thursday, February 15, 2024

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Travel back in time to the year 815 and participate in an immersive living history event at the Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival (AMFF). The local festival offers a unique and enchanting experience transporting visitors to the mythical kingdom of Dragon Croft. Nestled among forests, rolling hills, and meadows on more than 30 acres nestled just off Interstate Highway 65 in Greenville.

Opening on the site since 2016, the festival promises an unforgettable journey to a land of fantasy and history.

“Our event is based in the 800’s, but we take a broad sweep of history embracing everyone from Vikings to King Arthur and from Robin Hood through Queen Elizabeth or about 700 – 1600 AD,” explains festival organizer Nancy Ardoin. “Entertainment, education and pageantry prevail as history lives and breathes along with hundreds of costumed characters re-creating a 9th Century European Marketplace.”

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What to Expect

The faire, modeled after a medieval period marketplace, is held at 7746 Fort Dale Road in Greenville on Mar. 2 – 3, and offers a full day of festivities from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. Admission is $20 for adults, $15 for military and first responders, $10 for children ages 5-13 and is free for children under 5. The event is rain or shine but be prepared with cash as many vendors accept only cash payments.

Visitors are encouraged to don appropriate and family-friendly garb (costumes) and dive into the rich tapestry of activities. From jousting and sword fighting to apothecary demonstrations and fire table cooking, there’s something for everyone. Faire goers can join in the dance at the queen’s garden, learn about life in a Viking camp or participate in a Q&A about pirate life. 

For the competitive spirit, there’s the “rat puck” game with Lord High Admiral, Frederick the Black, and the Beard and Mustache competition for adults, with a child’s version called the Whiskerina competition.

A Feast for the Senses

Hungry adventurers can feast on a variety of culinary delights from vendors like the Ram and Poni, which offers a menu from the 1800s and before, and the Twisted Unicorn serving more traditional fare. Greenville’s own Bates House of Turkey will also be onsite, along with Copper Kettle, a tea bar out of Fairhope serving up a selection of fine teas from around the world.

Meet the Characters

The festival boasts an array of colorful characters, including Dame Seraphina Celeste Jewel Marquess, the High Minister of the Queen’s college and a professional swordfighter. 

“I will be doing demonstrations of fiber arts, working on some embroidery pieces,” the Marquess shared. “But our encampment will also have a blacksmith, an apothecary and a lady that does cooking on a fire table.”

Gabe McLain, master of the Minstrel’s Guild, fell in love with music after attending an Irish music festival as a child and now features musical offerings at the faire.

“I love getting the chance to play the kind of music that I like,” McLain enthused. “It’s a chance to do something that I enjoy and introduce that music to other people.”

Join the Adventure

Step into the past and experience the magic of the Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival. With its blend of history, entertainment, and immersive experiences, this festival offers a journey like no other, where the modern world fades away, and the wonders of the medieval era come to life.

The faire also welcomes volunteers to join in the fun. Visit www.almff.colm to purchase tickets and learn more about the festival.