School system honors board members

Published 7:00 am Sunday, January 14, 2024

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The Butler County School System is honoring its dedicated board members during School Board Member Recognition Month. This annual celebration acknowledges the ongoing commitment of the board members to the success and growth of the schools in Butler County.

Superintendent Joseph Eiland expressed his gratitude for the board’s unwavering focus on crucial aspects of education. 

“I am blessed to serve and work with a good board that is focused on the important things: safety, academic growth, and academic proficiency,” Eiland remarked. “It’s rare to have members so in tune with those needs and not the politics.”

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Jackie Thornton, the Principal of W.O. Parmer Elementary School, echoed Eiland’s sentiments, emphasizing the board’s active involvement and support for their school.

 “We have always had the pleasure of having board members either in the school or just a phone call away. They are very active within W.O. Parmer,” Thornton said. “They care. They give their time, and they’ve been known to give their finances. It’s not a job for them, it’s a mission.”

Thornton also highlighted the accessibility and dedication of the board members. 

“There’s not a single board member that we can’t call day or night that won’t show up and help. We’re very fortunate,” she added.

The Butler County School Board comprises Michael Nimmer representing District 1, Carolyn Crenshaw representing District 2, Brandon Sellers representing District 3, Wayne Boswell representing District 4, and Eric Gomillion representing District 5. Each member plays a crucial role in shaping the educational landscape of Butler County, ensuring that students receive the best possible opportunities for learning and growth.

As School Board Member Recognition Month continues, the Butler County School System encourages everyone to join in expressing appreciation for the dedication and hard work of its board members, whose efforts contribute significantly to the success of the entire school community.