Butler County Retired Teacher Luncheon

Published 4:47 pm Wednesday, December 20, 2023

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The Butler County Board of Education hosted its annual Retired Teacher Luncheon on Dec. 13. Board member Wayne Boswell, who was a teacher in Butler County for 39 years, said the luncheon has been annual since the mid 1990’s. 

“There’s so many people in this room that have touched the lives of so many Butler County children,” Boswell said. “Now our former students are all grown. My first sixth graders I taught are grandparents now. It just gives you this great feeling to know that you contributed to part of their lives, then they go on to succeed. I’ve had students that did all kinds of things like business, teachers, military, law, you name it.”

The luncheon was fully catered by Brenda Lee, a Greenville High School retired cafeteria manager of over 25 years. The lunch included rice, poppyseed chicken casseroles, green beans, sweet peach casserole and dinner rolls. A full house of attendees enjoyed the camaraderie of other former teachers. Superintendent Secretary Tina Powell commented that there was over 1,500 years of teaching experience within the room. 

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“They don’t make them like this anymore, it was a different time,” Powell said. “People don’t go into teaching like they used to anymore either. It’s very sad, but we have people that have gone through an entire education degree, then come get in the classroom and teach one year and say they don’t want to do this anymore, and they go do something else.”

Francis Benson, a proud former teacher, was in attendance in a lovely Christmas sweater. 

“I’ve been out of school for 70 years, and then taught school for 30 years,” Benson said. “But I’m only 89 years old! I taught business, and I helped students find jobs.”

Rachel Searcy said she enjoyed the annual luncheon as well. 

“I was a vocational guidance counselor,” Searcy said. “I taught 14 years in Butler county, I was in Andalusia before here, and I finished up in Mississippi, so I had 25 years total. My husband was the superintendent here for 13 years and in Mississippi for four years.”

The principals from Greenville Elementary, Middle and High Schools addressed retirees and shared encouraging words and gratitude for the teacher’s years of dedication, and each principal enthusiastically offered a teaching aid position to any who wanted to return.