Faith over Fear – Local breast cancer survivors journeys

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, October 25, 2023

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According to, breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide and one in every eight U.S. women will experience it in their lifetime. Though this can seem like a daunting number and perhaps provoke fear, two local survivors and employees of Hwashin speak of the ease and quick healing that came from their complete surrender to God, describing how faith conquered their fear. 

Linda Green, second shift superintendent for Hwashin and employee of 19 years, was diagnosed nearly a year ago and is currently in remission. The 63-year-young survivor explained that her diagnosis came as a total surprise during one of her routine yearly mammograms, as she was not experiencing any symptoms that she was aware of. 

Green said she immediately gave the burden of the diagnosis to God for him to handle and heal. 

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“My journey with Breast Cancer was good,” said Green. “I asked the Lord to let my journey be good. I didn’t have any sickness. I went to radiation during the day, and was still able to come to work every night. The whole time I was only out of work a couple of days after I had surgery. I prayed and asked the Lord to keep me safe, and that’s what he did.”

Green said she encourages women of all ages to receive a yearly mammogram check, as she said women at a younger age are being diagnosed more than years prior. 

“People are getting younger and younger,” Green said. “I had a step-sister that died with breast cancer, and she was 32. You need to talk with your doctor and make sure it gets done. There are programs and resources for anyone that needs help with financial help and testing, you just need to research it.”

Alisha Huguler, an employee of Hwashin for 12 years and 57-years-young, is currently in remission as well, and had a similar “easy going” journey to Green’s. 

“I was surprised to learn I had breast cancer during my routine mammogram,” Huguler said. “After my surgery I had radiation, and now it’s gone. I only felt weak one time, but then after that, I was good. The Lord blessed me. God is who got me through it, and I give him all of the honor and glory. For women who are diagnosed, God will do the same for you.”

For more information, help with testing or to make donations go to the National Breast Cancer foundation website at