Hwashin celebrates 20-year anniversary

Published 5:24 am Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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Hwashin America Corporation celebrated its 20-year anniversary, representing the manufacturer’s contribution as a major economic development for the town of Greenville since its opening in 2003. The Butler County Commission for Economic Development and the Chamber of Commerce came together at the Hwashin factory building, on Industrial Parkway in Greenville, to commemorate this milestone with a ceremony, a tour of the factory and a catered lunch for attendees on Oct. 12. 

Greenville Mayor Dexter McClendon applauded Hwashin CEO Milton Parks, referring to him as his “cousin”, and recounted the first steps in bringing Hwashin to Greenville 20 years ago. McClendon said this phenomenal opportunity for Greenville began with a simple billboard 

“It’s a really strange thing how it happened,” McClendon said. “They announced that Hyundai was coming to Hope Hull and the first thing we as the city did was put a billboard up between downtown Montgomery and the Hope Hull exit. It read ‘Welcome Hyundai. We’re open for business’.”

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McClendon explained that before Hwashin joined the community, Greenville had a 18% unemployment rate. The Mayor said the economical benefits of Hwashin can be seen in the school systems and has provided many families with a better quality of life. 

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone into the school systems over the last 20 years from Hwashin,” McClendon said.

He added that there will continue to be an expansion of jobs with the manufacturing company. 

“It’s amazing to see that we’re still expanding,” McClendon said. “We talked about 400 jobs in the beginning, now there are 800 jobs and soon we’ll be looking at 1000 jobs. Jobs are the key to your economy, no matter where you are.”

Executive Director for Butler County Commission for Economic Development David Hutchinson said Hwashin is the largest employer in Butler County. 

“Since 2013 Hwashin has announced investments of approximately $232 million and approximately 500 new jobs,” Hutchinson said. “They are the largest employer in Butler County. The automotive industries in Butler County employ approximately 1200 people. We are honored that Hwashin shows confidence in our community as they continue to invest and create new jobs in Greenville and Butler County.”