Destination venue Dewberry’s Steakhouse begins construction

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, September 6, 2023

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An exciting venture is taking place in downtown Greenville, as Dewberry’s Steakhouse is finally starting construction after unforeseen delays since COVID-19 hit in 2020. 

The Roaring Twenties themed venue, owned by Mike Pouncey and Morgan Heartsill, is planned to be a destination site where guests can expect dinner and a show. 

Tracy Salter, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, said she is excited to see the progress that has been made. 

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“I am thrilled to see such exciting work taking place to the exterior area of the building,” Salter said. “Mike and Morgan have done quite a bit of work on the inside since the original announcement, most of which hasn’t been visible to the public, but so much progress has been made along the way and continues. So many exciting projects are in the works for the downtown area and I am excited to see them all unfold in the upcoming months.”

This immersive dining experience will take place in the historic, three-story building next to the Chamber of Commerce downtown. Built in 1910, the location originally housed J.S. McMullan’s groceries and feed store, and through the years Hainje’s Furniture and Major’s Floor Covering. The landmark was also used for a setting in the movie “Honeydripper” starring Danny Glover. 

Pouncey explained there will be a themed dancehall on the second floor where guests can enjoy live entertainment, and a whiskey warehouse theme on the lower floor. 

“The entire concept will be geared towards the ‘Roaring Twenties’ era,” Pouncey said. “Staff will be dressed in character and every little detail of the restaurant will create a unique experience for guests.”

Heartsill said the delays gave them the time to find the right architect and construction team to bring their vision to life.

“Our architect will be Glen Clark, and we’re confident he will take our vision to the drawing board and then make it a reality,” Heartsill said. “We had Freddie Daughtry repair the structural support beams inside the building, as well as all the structural drawings for the patio, foundation and balcony. We selected John Skipper Construction for the concrete work. We will move straight to balcony construction after the completion of the patio.”

Heartsill said Dewberry’s will offer steak, barbecue ribs, chicken, fried lobster tail, tasty desserts, along with a full bar area. The restaurant is projected to seat around 300 guests and employ anywhere from 40-50 jobs. 

Mayor Dexter McLendon believes the venue will be enjoyed by locals and out-of-town visitors alike. 

“We want this place to be a destination that people from all over will want to come in and eat at,” McLendon said. “If anyone says nothing ever happens in downtown Greenville I’ll point them to things like this to show them that we are working hard to bring new things to the community. I think we will have a good response from the community once it all comes together.”

Heartsill and Pouncey said the endeavor has been a true public and private partnership. 

“We would like to thank Mayor Dexter McLendon, Tracy Salter, Building Inspector John Haire, and the Greenville City Council for their strong support. Without their support the restaurant would not be possible. We look forward to taking Greenville on a trip back in time to the Roaring Twenties. It takes some time to travel back in time, but it will be great seeing you there.”