City Council awards Dixie Debs and approves golf cart ordinance

Published 7:00 am Saturday, August 19, 2023

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At the Greenville City Council meeting on Aug. 14, the Dixie Debs softball team was recognized for their accomplishment as runners-up in the Dixie World Series that took place in the beginning of August. Jerome Harris III, director of Greenville Parks and Recreation, commended the team with encouraging words and gave out individual plaques with the team’s photo to each player and coach. 

Next on the agenda was the approval of the Golf Cart Ordinance presented by Greenville Chief of Police Justin Lovvorn. The ordinance states that a golf cart can be driven on town roads where the speed limit is less than 25 miles an hour, and the driver must conform to the state law governing the rules of the road. 

“The roads it can travel on are basically anything under 25 miles an hour, that is a municipal roadway,” Lovvorn said. “It cannot travel on state highways regardless of the speed limit. Which means Commerce Street, College Street, and Fort Dale Road are off limits for golf carts.”

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Lovvorn said if the safety department deems a road under 25 miles an hour unsafe or unacceptable for golf carts for any reason, then a sign will be posted stating the road is not an authorized roadway. 

“Each golf cart must pass an inspection by the Police Department,” Lovvorn said. “You also have to have liability insurance for the golf cart before you receive a permit, and the person operating the cart must have a valid drivers license.”

Next the council discussed progress on the demolition of the old Boss Manufacturing plant, or more commonly known as the “old glove factory”.  The council approved the change order of $18,726.50 to remove debris from the site and clear it out.

The last order of business was the approval of the nominees for the Board of Equalization requested by the Alabama Department of Revenue. The nominees are Glenn Cooper, Dave Crenshaw, and Rick Bourne.