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Published 3:11 pm Thursday, July 27, 2023

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An Editorial Opinion of The Greenville Advocate

Community newspaper reporters work to publish local happenings important to the areas they serve. Sometimes, the effort can morph into an attempt to cover local events, but recently someone posed this question, “Do you have a plan for what types of articles you want and how many of each – sports, news, features?”

It is a valid question. Small newspaper staff sometimes struggle to be everywhere at once and to provide coverage for all the happenings important to a community. But, when a reporter can not be present at every event and occasion, how do they choose what to cover?

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A community newspaper, like those published by Greenville Newspapers, Inc., has one overarching mission: to cover the news of local people and places in a manner which is accurate and timely. And, in a nutshell, editors and reporters work to discover and write about who and what is most important to their community.

To that end, we pose this question, “What do you want to read about?”

There are many options available for local newspaper coverage – breaking news, government operations, school system stories, sports, features of local people, the impact of state and national events on local communities, today in history, opinions, advice columns, humor, and pet features. The list is almost endless.

But at the end of the day, newspaper staff desire to create stories their readers enjoy. To that end, we invite our communities to voice their opinions. What would you like to read more about?

When suggesting an article, please supply detailed information including the name and contact phone number for the subject. In addition, please describe why the article is important to you.

Your ideas are important and we welcome your tips. You are, after all, the heartbeat of our community and the inspiration for community news coverage.

Please send comments and suggestions to Lanell Downs Smith, managing editor, at