Daniel, an example worth following

Published 2:59 pm Saturday, July 1, 2023

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By Jason Williams

We all know Daniel from his experience in the lion’s den, but do you remember how Daniel’s journey begins in Babylon in Daniel chapter 1? 

When Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon seized Jerusalem, the king ordered that any non-blemished Israelite children that could be useful to the kingdom of Babylon be taken to the king’s palace. Daniel was among these children so were some others you may recognize – Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendigo. Upon arrival at the king’s palace Daniel refused to eat the meat and asked for vegetables only because the meat had been offered as a sacrifice to other gods. Daniel then bargained with the king’s servant to prove his God would provide his nourishment through what was available without defiling Daniel and the other’s devotion to God. 

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Daniel, regardless of the situation and location among those that didn’t believe in his God, refused to conform to the society around him. He was like many of us today that struggle to maintain our faith in today’s world. 

In our current society there are so many issues that challenge our beliefs and creep their way into our everyday life. Daniel’s example to stand strong and be faithful to God every day is how we should live, we must refill our tanks, polish our armor of God, and stand against all the ways that Satan tries to creep into our life. Walk as Daniel walked and stand firm in what you believe. 

Christians don’t have an easy walk. Every Christian should be firm in what they believe that God‘s ways are our ways, and we refuse to change that. God‘s word is our authority and no one‘s opinion changes God’s authority.

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