Kindness is always in season

Published 4:12 pm Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Last week I stopped in a local Dollar General to purchase a case of water. Not imagining the only available packages would be large 24-bottle packages, I did not get a cart and found myself struggling to carry it to the checkout.

Then came Jamal Aceman.

Aceman saw me struggling and met me with a “buggy,” which he politely slipped under the case of water. After that, he wheeled the water to the checkout, scanned the barcode, waited for me to pay before loading the water in my car.

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As we walked, I asked his name. When I introduce myself, Aceman described a day when he encountered another reporter, who took his photo after he and his wife said their wedding vows at the county courthouse.

Aceman, a husband and father of three, works to make the world a better place for his children. His kind gesture to me is replicated every day while Aceman does a kind deed whenever he can in an effort to be the change he wants to see.

As winter turns into spring with summer following close at its heels, kindness like Aceman displayed to me that day is always in season.

I walked away from our encounter encouraged and inspired to pay it forward with a kind deed of my own towards someone else.

Aceman, a young man working to support his family, performs his job with a smile on his face, working to uplift the spirits of shoppers he encounters. More than likely, he has bad days like everyone else, but I was grateful he offered assistance when I needed help.

My hope is to do the same. Whatever the situation, may we each strive to be like Aceman, helping others with kindness and sincerity, uplifting those with whom we have the power of influence.

And remember kindness is not always a physical good deed, like Aceman helping me with a heavy pack of water, sometimes kindness can be a listening ear when it’s needed, or a simple “hello,” as you pass someone on the street or in the store. Kindness takes on many forms, but unless it is displayed or offered to another, it is an opportunity wasted.