Gen Mobile promises more for less

Published 3:12 pm Wednesday, April 5, 2023

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By Wanda Mitchell

Gen Mobile is partnering with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to offer no cost smartphones and tablets with a small one-time fee to citizens who are elderly, low income, or receiving government assistance.

The program is subsidized through the government to help give people, especially those who are shut in or have mobility issues, a way to stay in touch with their families, friends, and emergency or health care contacts.

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“The cut-off limit is $30,000 a year for a single person and $60,000 a year for a couple,” said LaToya Collins, Gen Mobile representative in Greenville. 

The program is open to several segments of the population. If an individual receives government aid, such as food stamps or Medicaid, they can qualify.

Individuals who are elderly and receive e Medicare or Social Security benefits also qualify for a phone.

The programs provide phones which are free and there is never a bill. This phone is on the T-Mobile network.

Upgrades are available while customers wait. Upgraded smartphones require a one-time fee of $20. The service network on this phone is supplied by AT&T.

“This has a little better reception,” Collins said.

Gen Mobile offers a tablet too. The cost for the tablet is also a one-time fee of $20. As with the phone, there is no bill — ever.

“There is no bill to pay,” Collins said. “When a person gets approved, which takes all of five minutes, they receive their new phone right here on the spot.”

Applying for the phone and tablet is easy.

“Applicants are required to show their Social Security letter that they receive every year, usually in December,” Collins said.

People will also be required to show some form of photo ID or driver’s license and have their picture taken.

“We do this to make sure the face on the card is the same one that’s applying,” Collins said.

Collins asks each person how many people live in the household and completes the application for them.

“This program began during the COVID-19 epidemic to help people stay connected with their loved ones,” Collins said.

While customers taking advantage of the offer preferred not to be identified in this article, one customer said the program was a blessing for her, as she lives alone and likes to keep in touch with her family.

Collins has been with Gen Mobile for several years and says she loves the flexibility of her job.

She can be found under the white tent in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot several days each week and on the weekends. The grocery store is located at 205 Cedar Street in Greenville.

Contact Gen Mobile at (833) 528-1380 or its website at