New equipment Greenville Fitness Center

Published 9:52 am Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon introduced two resolutions at the City Council’s March 13 meeting that will benefit the facility located at 177 Academy Drive, formerly known as the YMCA. The renovated and updated building is now known as the Greenville Fitness Center.

McLendon introduced Jerome Harris III, director of the Parks and Recreation department in Greenville to explain the resolutions.

“This resolution [Resolution 2023-07] is about some fitness equipment from Ready Fitness,” Harris said. “We should have new equipment within 12 weeks of the contract.”

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Harris is negotiating a contract with Chris Talbird, representative for Ready Fitness in Buford, Georgia. Although the agreement is not officially signed, it is estimated that the cost will run to a little over $211,000 at present.

“We aren’t replacing everything; but the older, outdated equipment we are replacing,” Harris said. He went on to explain exactly what the new facility would need for the lease agreement with Ready Fitness. 

“We’re replacing all the treadmills, bikes, and the stationary machines,” Harris said. “Everything will be under a lease agreement.”

Harris explained that if something happens to the equipment while under lease, Ready Fitness will send someone out to either fix the problem or replace the faulty equipment.

“And they won’t charge us a dime,” Harris said.

The contract is a straight lease and will allow the city to upgrade equipment as needed.

McLendon told the council Harris would be coming back to talk to them later about the exact cost of the lease agreement when all of the paperwork was finished.

The council unanimously passed the resolution, agreeing that the old equipment needed to be replaced. They also agreed to enter into the proposed municipal lease agreement with Ready Fitness. 

The agreement is made possible by the help of the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance, for which Greenville is a member.

Resolution 2023-08 also concerns the facility located at 177 Academy Drive.

The resolution states that;  ‘the Greenville City Council recognizes the need for a software program to gain access into the building and process membership payments for the Greenville Fitness Center in order to better serve the public’.

After the center’s organizers researched and interviewed several companies, ReClique Solutions and Daxko, LLCin Birmingham was selected to provide building access and membership payment software.


“The system will allow people to scan their card so they can clock in and out,” Harris said. “It will allow us the flexibility to rent our buildings or do whatever it is that we need to do. This machine will enable us to do everything online.”

McClendon asked City Clerk and  Treasurer, Dee H. Blackmon, for an estimate of the cost. 

“The city has not signed the paperwork yet, so we aren’t sure of the exact cost per month on this,” Blackmon said.

As it stands now with Resolution 2023-8, the city will enter into a Master Service Agreement for a term of 36 months with a cost at $550 per month. The one-time software training fee will be $3,000.