“The Year of the Dog” plays in Greenville

Published 3:08 pm Monday, February 27, 2023

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The award winning independent film “The Year of the Dog” opened at the VIP Edge 8 Theater in Greenville Friday night.

“It will run at least through Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.,” said Stephen Waggoner, theater employee.

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What makes this film special is the fact that a portion of ticket sale net profits will be donated to the Butler County Humane Society.

“The producer called me about a month ago and told me that we’d be getting 5% of the proceeds,” said Kimberly Matthews with the Humane Society.

Rob Grabow wore many hats in getting this film into theaters, functioning as the writer, producer, co-director and lead “human” actor in the film.

Grabow’s co-star, an energetic, over-the-top Siberian Husky rescue dog named Caleb, stole more than an occasional treat. He stole entire scenes in his break-out performance.

“It was clear that what others saw as Caleb’s imperfections, are precisely what makes Caleb so special,” Grabow said in a press release to The Greenville Advocate. “[It’s] what enabled him to carry so much of this film.”

Because Caleb moved from one foster home to another while a puppy, Grabow believes that people can relate to the experiences Caleb has lived through.

“Caleb’s story exemplifies how finding purpose and making connections can heal,” Garbow said.

Caleb the Husky currently lives in southern California with his adopted human parents Cathy and Gregg Pittman and shoots Petco commercials.

Grabow grew up in Livingston, Montana and said the movie has a Montana feel but universal appeal.

“It’s a ‘made in Montana film’, but the movie’s themes are universal,” Grabow said.

Prominent themes include alcoholism and recovery, the struggle to repair damaged relationships, and the remarkable love of a dog.

“The Year of the Dog” is rated PG-13.