Tyn Tymes rocks the Ritz

Published 3:14 pm Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Anyone who has ever been inside the Ritz Theater in Downtown Greenville, is well aware of the fine acoustics of the art deco interior.

Those acoustics came in handy Thursday night when the Tyn Tymes band played there.

It only took a little nudge from a couple of locals to convenience Nancy Idland, with the Greenville Arts Arts Council, to get those boys on that stage.

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“We are all looking forward to hearing them,” Idland said.

Craig Waller, who was doing a serious job as usher, took a short breather and looked around the auditorium. 

“We got a good turn out,” Waller said. “People are really excited.”

The band, known all over the country for their high impact 60’s sound, is a crowd pleaser wherever they go.

The five ladies sitting in the front row, center stage no less, were completely enthralled by the men.

“They’re fantastic,” they all said in agreement.

As a disclaimer, they were the wives of five of the twelve band members.

They were invited to play at Archie Manning’s 60th birthday party, at Eli’s house in Mississippi, one wife said.

Janice Sharpe, another wife, added, “They actually performed for the Bush family in Texas. They were involved in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It was a fabulous event.”

Sitting next to the band wives was local Becky Robinson. She was there with her husband Nathan.

“This is our first time hearing them,” Robinson said. 

She looked them up on the internet just to check them out beforehand, though.

“They sounded great,” she said. “I’m game for all kinds of music.”

Right before the band took the stage, Idland stepped up and gave a special shoutout to those who were members of the Arts Council and the underwriters.

“This gives us wonderful music right here in our home town,” Idland said.

She spoke briefly on the support of REF Alabama and Paul Flubacher, too.

“His commitment to the arts in our area has been phenomenal,” she said.

As the lights began to go down, and Tyn Tymes began to take the stage, Idland said, “If you feel like getting up and moving, that is allowed. I want you to know that.”

Tyn Tymes then began rocking the house with such songs as “Get Ready,” “My Girl” and the classic Ike and Tina song, “Shake a Tail Feather” from their album ‘So Fine,’

Tyn Tymes has their own album out now. 

Recently released ‘Sand and Soul’ came out in June of 2021 on Bentley records.

Their songs ‘Angel of Love’ and ‘Wonderful Woman’ are featured on that album.