Coffee Cup Quilting back to business after recent flash flood dampens spirits, products

Published 2:54 pm Friday, January 20, 2023

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Coffee Cup Quilting reopened its doors after a recent flash-flood resulted in several inches of rainwater flooding the ground-level section of the store.

According to store owner Claranna Roberts, rain seeped its way in through the crumpled, dried leaves nestled between the shop and the old building next door.

The storm covered the ground floor with water for several inches up the walls, soaking quilt fabrics stored on the shop’s shelves.

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Roberts said whole bolts of 100% cotton fabric were not even visible under the water.

She added her husband joined her in working to move the fabric to dry tables in an effort to salvage the product.

Roberts explained some of the fabrics suffered water stains, with the difference between what stained and what didn’t linked to the cardboard bolts the fabric was wrapped around and not the fabric itself.

“If it was white cardboard, there was no staining,” Roberts said. “If it was brown cardboard, it stained.”

She noted the fabric, while stained, still could be used for crafting projects.

“Some of this is $11 a yard fabric,” she said.

Roberts said she had no intention of pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes regarding the fabric impacted by the storm, and although she dried all the wet bolts of fabric, she did not wash them.

She marked down the price of the affected fabric to $5 a yard. 

Roberts said she would love to see more community members stopping by to visit the store. 

The shop offers quilting classes throughout the month. Some classes are available for free, while others cost $10 per class.

Most are available on Saturday, but she does have a few that occur during the week also.

Coffee Cup Quilting will also hold a charity event where everyone involved collaborates on quilt projects and decides what charity or organization will benefit from the proceeds.

Roberts said community members are welcome to call or stop by to suggest a charity they believe could benefit from Coffee Cup Quilting.

“Bring your tools and energy, and let’s sew something for the community,” Roberts said.

She also offers Spring Clean Fling class for all the unfinished objects, or UFO’s, that quilters manage to accumulate throughout the year.

“It’s free, and it’s fun,” she said. “It lasts for eight weeks,” Roberts said.

Debbie Blackmon, a customer who stopped by the shop, praised the store and its owners for their presence in the local crafting scene.

“I’ve learned so much,” she said.