How to Enjoy the MLB World Series If You’re Not a Baseball Fan

Published 9:58 am Friday, October 7, 2022

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The MLB World Series is one of the biggest events in baseball. But what if you’re not a fan of the sport? Can you still enjoy the series?


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Here are a few ways to enjoy the MLB World Series even if you don’t like baseball:


  1. Watch for the drama. The MLB World Series is full of drama on and off the field. From player rivalries to team feuds, there’s always something going on during the series. You can still enjoy watching the drama unfold, even if you don’t care about the actual game.


  1. Bet on the outcome. If you don’t want to bet on who will win the actual series, try betting on some of the other aspects of the games, such as how many home runs will be hit or which player will get the most hits.


  1. Enjoy the food and drink. One of the best things about attending a baseball game is the great food and drink that comes with it. 


  1. Listen to the announcers. They often provide exciting commentary and anecdotes about players and teams that can make even a boring game more enjoyable to watch. 

How can I get tickets to the MLB World Series?

If you’re hoping to score tickets through the official MLB website, you’ll need to be quick. Tickets go on sale to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis and usually sell out within minutes. 


If you’re willing to pay a bit more, ticket resale sites like StubHub are usually your best bet. These sites allow fans to buy and sell tickets, so you can usually find tickets at face value or even below. 


Ticket brokers are another option, but they typically charge a premium for their services. These businesses buy up large blocks of tickets and then resell them at a markup. 

How do teams qualify for the MLB World Series?

The MLB World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball (MLB). The winner of the World Series championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and is awarded the Commissioner’s Trophy. As the series is played in October, during the autumnal equinox, it is sometimes referred to as the Fall Classic. 


Since 1903, when the modern World Series was established, American teams have won over 27 titles, while National League teams have more than 24. Most of these occurred between 1903 and 1919, when only two major leagues and eight teams were in each league. Since 1920, when baseball expanded to include more teams and divisions, American League teams have dominated, winning 20 World Series titles. National League teams have won just seven titles since 1920.

What are the best ways to watch the MLB World Series?

There are a few ways that you can watch the MLB World Series. One way is to go to the stadium and watch the game live. Another way is to watch it on television. You can also watch it online through a streaming service.

If you’re not a baseball fan but find yourself in the company of those who are, try to enjoy the experience and take in the atmosphere.