Our view: Waller setting strong example through fitness program for seniors

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, September 8, 2022

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Local fitness instructor Craig Waller isn’t just respecting his elders; he’s bettering their quality of life through a fitness program he leads with residents at Country Place Senior Living in Greenville.

Waller, owner of 24 Hour Fitness in Greenville, credited his faith in God as a catalyst for creating a program to help seniors stay mobile and active.

All too often, elderly members of the community who reside in assisted living facilities and nursing homes tend to be forgotten, an issue that only seemed to worsen during the height of the pandemic as those facilities enforced strict policies to keep residents safe.

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It’s great seeing eldercare facilities being able to provide access for people like Waller who want to aid these seniors, interact with them, and create an inclusive environment for them.

Waller said too often, elderly community members are “swept to the side,” and unfortunately, the statement is accurate. It’s a shame, and it should not be this way.

Age and all other socioeconomic or demographic traits should never be a disqualifier when it comes to who is allowed to participate in society. 

It’s a certainty Waller’s presence among those seniors he teaches serves as a boost to their overall morale and well being, and we need more people with unique skillsets willing to do their part to give back to their community.

Seniors still have plenty to offer our community if people just spent some time around them. Whether it’s the Vietnam veteran with a harrowing tale of his time in the service, or it’s the retired schoolteacher who molded the minds of many who passed through her classroom, they all have interesting stories to tell and plenty of life lessons to teach.

Follow Waller’s example, treat seniors with the dignity they deserve, and do something that’ll make the time they have left with us memorable.