ROTC brings home the win

Published 8:29 pm Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Greenville High School JROTC captured the judge’s attention and secured several first place wins at the recent Sidney Lanier Drill Meet.

The team secured the following honors: First Place Overalll; 1st Place Armed Regulation; 1st Place Armed Color Guard; 1st Place Armed Squad Regulation; 1st Place Unarmed Regulation (A Team); 2nd Place Unarmed Regulation (B Team); 2nd Place Armed Exhibition; 2nd Place Unarmed Color Guard; 2nd Place Individual Knockout (Rylee Harrison); 2nd Place Unarmed Squad Regulation (Team 2); 3rd Place Unarmed Squad Regulation (Team 1); 3rd Place Armed Duo (Keelan Taylor and Jacob Pryor); 3rd Place Armed Inspection; 3rd Place Unarmed Inspection.